Sit or Spin 4/13/14

Sit or Spin was a hoot last night. We discussed how often each of the panelist spills and what their favorite kind of sword is. Needless to say we had a lot to talk about. Favorite track of the night was a tie between Copeland & From Indian Lakes. Worst track of the night was from The Frolics (sorry yo).

Happy With Me – HOLYCHILD : sit

Good Morning Fire Eater – Copeland : spin

Jekyl/Hyde – Your Friend : spin

International – Junior Prom : sit

Glass – Young & Sick : spin

It’s Real – Wild Ones : spin

I Might Survive – Architecture In Helsinki : spin

Body Hot – The Frolics : sit

Sleeping At Night – Caught A Ghost : spin

Chemical Dizzy – The Casket Girls : spin

I Wanna Love You – Jessica Lea Mayfield : spin

I Was Where Were You – DTCV : sit

We Are Sick – From Indian Lakes : spin

Magdalena 318 – Pixies : spin

Highway Blues – Seahaven : spin