Weekday Wrap Up

It’s Friday! Aww yiss! These are the artists, albums, and songs that got the Impact staff through this super sunny week!

Content team member Libby Hoffman
Don’t Just Sit There by Lucius for sunny walks. Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart for learning on guitar. Trashin the Camp from the Tarzan soundtrack because its perfect and until 2 days ago hadn’t heard it since I was a disney-movie-watching 10 year old.

News, Content, and Music Review team member Ian Wendrow
I’ve been listening to because I’m weird.

Assistant Music Director Stacey Karl
Sultan Bathery is a band that my friends would listen to and immediately say, “Yep, Stacey would love this.” I hate being predictable but I can’t help it, this band is so good! Yeah, I guess they’re “garage rock” or “psych-rock” but I still think they have an edge to them that makes them stand out. Their self-titled album that was just released on Slovenly is well produced and the vocals aren’t completely buried in reverb. The trio is from Vincenza, Italy but they were actually inspired to write music after they visited the “worst place they’ve ever been to,” Sultan Bathery, India. Regardless of where they got their inspiration from, this is some really killer rock ‘n’ roll.

News, Content, and Music Review team member Quin Hoffman
Jaime x – Sleep Sound. This track was released a few weeks ago by Jamie xx, the drummer from the xx, but the video was released this Thursday. Jamie has only released a hand full of solo tracks, but every one of them is better than the last (Except, “Far Nearer.” That one was the best).

Assistant Office Manager Sami Leonardo
So this week has been all about Mr. Little Jeans and just a tad bit of Frankie Cosmos. The name of the band Mr. Little Jeans is extremely misleading considering that the lead singer is a female, oh the irony. Anyways Monika Birkenes vocals on her latest album Pocketknife is summed up in one word: adorable. Her voice is really cute and a tad bit raspy, now when those features are compiled with the interesting electronic beats the album becomes a work of perfection. This album almost reminds me of another artist Frankie Cosmos, who also has an adorable voice that sounds so innocent and pure.

Music Review-Content Liaison Erik Finkler
I’ve been listening to the Winnipeg based band Boats because I really like annoyingly chipper, shrill bands that fricks with weird songs.

Content team member Alex Byers
. It’s basically the YOLO of the 90’s.

Content team member Nick Richardson
I’ve been listening to a lot of Sleeping at Last the last couple days! That and the new Cloud Nothings album sums up my week.

Content Director Kevin Glide
I’ve been listening to the new Mac DeMarco record, Salad Days. It’s the perfect album for porch drinking and aimless walks down Grand River. Those events may or may not be mutually exclusive.