Top 5 WFIX Post Its


The studio for our training station, WFIX, has a huge wall of DJ created Post-It art that is famous around the station. Here are what we consider the best of the bunch.

5. No One Cares…
Passive-Aggressive? Check. Hilarious? Check. Random pentagram? Check.

4. Lumpy Space Princess
Everyone lumpin’ loves Adventure Time whether you’re 7 or 27.

3. WFIX Dinosaur
T-Rex’s vision is based on movement, so be careful when you’re dancing to our sweet tunes.

2. Four Way Tie Between Talledega Nights and Twerking Sticky Notes
Shake and Bake! We appreciate a solid twerk ethic at the station, but Talledega Nights is one hell of a quotable movie.

1. One Post-It to Rule Them All
This DJ has asserted his or her dominance over the WFIX Post-It kingdom by making a post at the top of the mural, and that pretty much makes this #1, whether we agree or not.

Honorable Mention: Patrick Star as Pinhead Larry
This isn’t a Post-It note, but everyone loves some classic Spongebob.