Asian Invasion 04/07/2014

Hey, tonight we have a very special throwback edition of the show!  Let’s get on the time machine and fly back to 20-30 years ago. Hear Korean and Chinese music from another generation, as we explore the roots of modern K-pop and C-pop!

Na Hoon-ah 나훈아 – “모정의 세월 / Years of Maternal Affection”
Teresa Teng 邓丽君 – “月亮代表我的心 / The Moon Represents My Heart”
Han Hong 韩红 – “天亮了 / At Dawn”
Lou Dayou 罗大佑 – “童年 / Childhood”
Wakin Chau 周华健 – “朋友 / Friends”
Karen Mok 莫文蔚 – “月圆花好 / A Good Day”
Yang Hee Eun – “아침이슬 / Morning Dew”
Na Hoon-Ah 나훈아 – “배신자 / Betrayer”
Kim Choo Ja 김추자 – “거짓말이야 / It’s A Lie”
Teresa Teng 邓丽君 – “甜蜜蜜 / Sweet Honey” (by request)
Qin Zan Yi 青燕子 – “送别 / Farewell”
Lou, Dayou 罗大佑 – “光阴的故事 / Story of Time”
Mao Amin 毛阿敏 – “同一首歌 / A simple song”
Lee Hak Kan 李克勤 – “红日 / Red Sun”

Jackie Chan 成龙, Wakin Chau 周华健, Anthony Wong 黄耀明, Jonathan Lee 李宗盛 – “真心英雄 True Hero”
Wong Ka Kui 黄家驹 – “光辉岁月 Glory Days”
Beyond – “抗战二十年 / Fighting for 20 Years” (by request)
Bae Ho 배호 – “안개낀 장충단 공원 / Misty JangChoongDan Park”
Sandy Lam 林忆莲 – “至少还有你 / At Least I Still Have You”
The Little Tigers 小虎队 – “蝴蝶飞呀 Fly! Butterfly!” (by request)
Kim Soo Hee 김수희 – “남행열차 / Southbound Train”
Anita Mui 梅艳芳 – “女人花 / Woman Flower”
Leslie Cheung 张国荣 – “我 / I”
Zhang Ai-Ja – “忙与盲 / Busy and Blind” (by request)
Cui Jian 崔健 – “花房姑娘 / The Girl in The Flower Room”
Zhuo Yi-Ting – “明天会更好 / Tomorrow Will Be Better” (by request)
Teresa Teng 邓丽君 – “何日君再來 / When Will You Return”