Weekday Wrap Up

TBGIF! Thank Based God It’s Friday! Here’s what Impacters have been listening to around the station this week.

Assistant Office Manager Sami Leonardo
Currently I’ve been obsessing about the band Big Scary, they’re an Australian duo that uses the piano to create brilliant compositions that take you on a journey through smooth lyrics and eternal peacefulness. Their latest art piece comes from the album Not Art, which is beautifully created and incredibly calming.The tracks on this album are extremely delicate and playfully dancy as the piano keys are lightly tapped throughout the tracks. Overall, this album is nothing what it seems and for that reason it’s been my jam of the week.

Music Review and Content Team Ambassador/Liaison/P cool guy Eric Finkler
Yearning for an end to this George R.R. Martin themed winter, I’ve been listening to the album Bigfoot by Cayucas. It reminds me of summer on beaches and stuff, basically faking a summer mood until I don’t have to fake it anymore.

Content Director Kevin Glide
Ever since I’ve started helping out at the Music Review team’s listening sessions, I feel that my obnoxious and insatiable penchant for new wave music has begun to annoy my fellow Impacters. I’ve been listening to a synth-soaked DFA Records band by the name of Lace Curtain. If I don’t appear on next week’s Weekday Wrap Up, the Music Review team has killed me. Alert the media and my parents. In that order.