Weekday Wrap Up

Today, we’re bringing back an old Impact tradition, the Weekday Wrap Up, where members of our team share what songs or artists got them through the pain and monotony of the 5 day grind. Check in with impact89fm.org every Friday afternoon to stay in the loop on what’s going on at the station.

Content team member Alex Byers
I’ve been listening to Barlights by fun. The inner Broadway musical nerd in me wanted to bust out dancing walking to class on the sunny dayz in EL.

Assistant Music Director Stacey Karl
Cherry Glazerr knows how to write songs for teenagers, because they are teenagers. Their music is so refreshing because they don’t take everything so seriously and have fun with it.They capture the feeling of being young and confused so wholly. Tracks “Haxel Princess” and “White’s Not My Color This Evening” are both more distorted sounding and if you listen closely they even have elements of heavy metal. The contrast between the instrumentals and Clementine Creevy’s sweet vocals are a match made in heaven.

Video team member Dakota Johnston
Recent Tunes: Book of Mormon, St Vincent, LCD Soundsystem, and Childish Gambino.
Podcasts: Planet Money and Harmontown

Content team member Libby Hoffman
One word: Latch. The song is pure perfection. Disclosure and Sam Smith all the time every day. Seriously. Blasted it in the shower, gave it to my brother for his birthday (by posting the video on his wall. best gift you could give a person.), made all my friends listen to it. It’s my anthem between class and the new soundtrack to my life. I’m obsessed.

Assistant Office Manager Sami Leonardo
In preparation for the release of Tokyo Police Club’s new album release I’ve actually been listening to some of their old tracks. It’s actually been a long time since Tokyo Police Club has released a new album. A lot of their older tracks remind me of my middle and high school years, back when the days were long and every one cared whether Cady Heron was wearing army jeans and flip flops. I’ve also been really into Bear Hands and Miniature Tigers. I actually stumbled upon Miniature Tigers on my Pandora station, a statement that in itself is so dated (Pandora who?). Bear Hands and Miniature Tigers are also on my radar this week for the reason that they’re performing at the Blind Pig in AA on Thursday.

Content Director Kevin Glide
As the resident 80s new wave and post punk fan at the station, I have to put up with a lot of scoffs, eye rolling, cringing faces, and workmates throwing CDs at me like ninja stars. Luckily, new synth-driven genres like indietronica are a link to the past, where I can pretend the 80s are still going on in an alternate universe, kinda like Back to the Future II. I’ve been listening to WhoMadeWho, Sex on Toast, and Evan Only. Some key old school tracks on rotation are “Up the Down Escalator” by The Chameleons and “Behind the Wheel” by Depeche Mode. Also, Shit Robot’s new album is pretty dank.