Thee Hourz O’ Power – 3/20/2014

Thee Hourz O Power - 3/20/2014

Jacob Nevin


Blind Guardian – Majesty

Sortilege – Sortilege

Heathen – Goblin’s Blade

Rainbow – The Temple of the King

Paradox – The Burning

Hirax – The World Will Burn

Ozzy Osbourne – Diary of a Madman

Cronian – Cold Wave Eruption

Woods of Ypres – Your Ontario Town Is A Burial Ground

Down – We Knew Him Well

Loinen – Portto


Amebix – The Darkest Hour

Dissection – Where Dead Angels Lie

Murmur – When Blood Leaves

Witchfinder General – Shadowed Images

Saxon – Wheels of Steel

Iron Angel – The Church of Last Souls

Holy Terror – Damned By Judges

Candlemass – Bewitched

Meliah Rage – Deadly Existence

Sleep – Holy Mountain

Witch Cross – Face of a Clown


Benighted – Noise

Benighted – Experience Your Flesh

Benighted – Spit

Benighted – Defiled Purity

Benighted – Jekyll

Benighted – Collection of Dead Portraits

Benighted – Carnivore Sublime

Benighted – Les Morsures de Cerbere

Benighted – June and the Laconic Solstice

The Wounded Kings – Lost Bride

Cynic – The Lion’s Roar

Nervosa – Twisted Values

Dismember – Misanthropic

Grave – Unholy Terror

Vomitory – The Burning Black


Necrophobic – Before the Dawn

Enslaved – Svarte Vidder

Nifelheim – Possessed by Evil

Borknagar – The Winter Way

Ulver – Hymn I Of Wolf and Fear

Thyrfing – Vargavinter

Wolves in the Throne Room – Prayer of Transformation

Angel Dust – Let Me Live

Lord Belial – Black Wings of Death


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