Asian Invasion 03/17/2014

Tonight we’ll hear the latest from 2NE1, Neon Bunny, Girls Generation and more!

KSA and Japan Club present Culture Shock this Saturday, March 22 from 4-6 PM!  The event will feature performances, games, and food at the Spartan Village Community Center, more information here!

Taiwanese rock band Mayday are coming to Chicago next week!  They’ll be playing at the Auditorium Theatre, and tickets are still available here!

Korean indie rockers Love X Stereo will be playing at the Pike Room in Pontiac on Tuesday, March 25th, get your tickets here!

The Office for International Students and Scholars is looking for Globie Awards nominees.  If you know someone who has distinguished themselves with service to the international community, nominate them here!

2NE1 – “Happy”
f(x) – “첫 사랑니 / Rum Pum Pum Pum”
Mayday – “米老鼠 / Mickey Mouse”
Akino – “Pride”
Avec Avec – “Marmalade Boogie”
Neon Bunny – “너여야 / It’s You”
Sherman Chung – “大女生小往事 / Growing Up Girl” (by request)
Girls Generation – “Mr. Mr.”
Mayday – “天使 / Angel”
Jay Chou – “稻香 / Rice Aroma”
Richie Ren – “我是一只鱼 / I Am A Little Fish”
Hyorin (Sistar) – “Let It Go” (by request)
flumpool – “今年の桜 / Katoshi No Sakura” (by request)

Jay Chou – “魔術先生 / Mr. Magic”
Wilbur Pan – “小小螞蟻 / A Little Ant” (by request)
Leehom Wang – “唯一  / The Only One”
Karen Mok – “广岛之恋 / Hiroshima Mon Amour” (by request)
The Pillows – “Funny Bunny”
Sodagreen – “游乐 / Amusement”
Guang Liang – “烟火 / Fireworks”
Teen Top – “긴 생머리 그녀 / Miss Right”
Tsuji Shion  – “Sky Chord”
Sodagreen – “早点回家 / Go Home Early”
Tizzy Bac – “有人 / Someone”
Yu Quan – “没你不行 / Can’t Live Without You”
Miho Fukuhara – “Let It Out”
2NE1 – “살아 봤으면 해 / If I Were You”
Mayday – “晚安地球人 / Good Night, Human on Earth”