Asian Invasion 03/03/2014

Happy Spring Break!  Tune in tonight to hear from Neon Bunny, Mayday, S.H.E, Psy, and more!  You can still get your Mayday tickets for Monday, March 24th at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago!  You can also check out Love X Stereo, Glen Check, and Rock ‘N Roll Radio at the Pike Room in Pontiac on Tuesday, March 25!

Neon Bunny – “왕자님 / Prince”
Mayday – “第二人生 / Second Round”
Red Bacteria Vacuum – “Envy” (Japan Nite)
Primary feat. Park Myung Soo – “I Got C (feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo)”
S.H.E – “怎么办 / What To Do?”
SHINee – “셜록 / Sherlock (Clue+Note)”
Angela Zhang – “淋雨一直走 / Keep Walking”
Glen Check – “Youth in Revolt”
Brown Eyed Girls – “Kill Bill”
Sodagreen – “再遇見 / Meet Again” (by request)
Wonder Girls – “2 Different Tears (Chinese version)”
PSY – “Gentleman”
The Flowers – “我的果汁分你一半 / I Share My Juice With You”
Girls Generation – “Find Your Soul”
Miss A – “Over U” (by request)

Geeks – “Backpack”
Hins Cheung – “Deadline” (by request)
T-ara – “Roly-Poly”
Yu Quan – “选择牺牲 / Sacrifice”
Dal Shabet – “Big Baby Baby”
Cho Yong Pil – “Hello (feat. Verbal Jint)”
Stefanie Sun – “绿光 / Green Light”
EXO – “Black Pearl (Chinese version)”
The Black Skirts – “Love Shine”
Love X Stereo – “Lose to Win”
Mayday – “丟掉名字性別 / OAOA (Throw off Your Name and Gender)”
IU – “입술 사이 / (50cm) Between the Lips”
Epik High – “Get High”
Homme – “밥만 잘 먹더라 / I Was Able To Eat Well”
Tank – “斗牛要不要 / One on One Basketball” (by request)