Impact’s Midterm Week Playlist

Minds dulled from our schoolwork, bodies numb from our grey routines, and the collective tension accumulates each day with the pressure of rapidly-approaching midterms. However, not all is in despair, there is a silver lining to be found in even the darkest places. That, my friends, is music. This playlist is about pushing through those last days until we grab each others hands and sail off to PCB together.

But until then, fill your hands with textbooks, binders and a Bic no.2 lead (or mechanical if you’re on the cutting edge) pencil, and drown out your subconscious with some music. Let this first song send you on your way, inspire you, and bring back some stellar childhood memories (or just the image of Matilda dancing with floating inanimate objects in her kitchen), then get working to the beat of Glitchmob and Daft Punk, and later on transition into the late great Miles Davis. When reading through dense rhetoric, some instrumental SoMo and John Butler’s Ocean will help you push through; mostly so you can get to the last song and let those troubles of the past wash away with the waves of a spring break beach.

Curated and written by Libby Hoffman