Album Spotlight: Gifts or Creatures’ Pilot House

Last week, we showed off our Michigan Artist Spotlight Gifts or Creatures’ sophomore album, Yesteryear Western Darkness. This week, we’re going back to 2010 for their first LP, Pilot House. The duo produces a rich, engaging sound that can only be heard on a GorC record, and yet, it retains the universal appeal of classic Americana. Listen for yourself!

Notes from the GorC Bandcamp:
In January 2010 Brandon and Bethany Foote entered Ann Arbor’s Backseat Productions with a collection of newfangled songs and a close-knit crew of friends, including Seth Bernard (Seth & May) and Trevor Hobbs (Breathe Owl Breathe). After a long weekend, Gifts or Creatures compiled the core of what would become their debut album “Pilot House”. The collection of material carved a niche beyond the traditional bluegrass and folk stylings Brandon had soaked-up for nearly a decade.