Asian Invasion 02/10/2014

We’ve got a special Valentine’s Day episode of the show tonight!  Hear songs about love and heartbreak, and maybe you’ll even get a song dedication from your sweetheart!

You can still get your Mayday tickets for Madison Square Garden in NYC (March 22) and the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago (March 24)!

Mayday – “私奔到月球 / Elope to the Moon (feat. Cheer Chen)”
2NE1 – “I Love You”
Gloria Deng (G.E.M.) – “写不完的温柔 / Can’t Finish the Fondness” (by request)
Wheesung – “너라는 명작 / Masterpiece of You”
S.H.E – “触电 / Heart Shock”
Taecyeon & Nickhun (2PM) – “My Valentine (feat. JYP)”
MC Sniper – “사랑했잖아 / We Were In Love (feat. Loco & Sohn Seungyeon)”
Primary – “만나 / Meet (feat. Zion.T)”
Cyndi – “爱你 / Love You”
Will Pan – “不得不爱 / Have To Love (feat. Xianzi)”
Utada Hikaru – “Heart Station”
EXO – “蝴蝶少女 / Don’t Go”
Sistar – “넌 너무 야해 / The Way You Make Me Melt (feat. Geeks)”
Lee Hyori – “사랑의 부도수표 / Bounced Love Checks”

Mayday – “我不願 讓你一個人 / I Don’t Want To Leave You Alone” (by request)
Fan Fan – “我想大声告诉你 / I Want To Tell You Loudly” (by request)
Jackie Zhang – “你最珍贵 / You Are The One” (by request)
Girls Generation – “유리아이 / Lost In Love”
A-Mei – “一眼瞬间 / All of A Sudden (feat. Jam Hsiao)” (by request)
Liangying Zhang – “爱就爱 / Love is Love”
Ra.D – “어떤 설레임 / Something Flutters”
Yuki Xu – “我是女生 / I Am A Girl” (by request)
Javo Island – “애인없어요 / I Have No Lover”
Joanna Wang – “I Love You” (by request)
Narsha – “I’m In Love (feat. Jeong SangHa)” (by request)
Big Bang – “We Belong Together (feat. Park Bom of 2NE1)”