Asian Invasion 02/03/2014

Tonight we’ll hear from artists that are headed to North America this March!  A whole group of Korean indie artists will be appearing at this year’s legendary South by Southwest Festival, including Love X Stereo, who has already scheduled their Michigan date, and will be at the Pike Room in Pontiac on Tuesday, March 25th!

Also sonically invading North America this March is Taiwanese rock band Mayday (五月天).  They’ll be at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Saturday, March 22nd, and the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago on Monday, March 24th!

Love X Stereo – “Fly Over” (Impact 89FM Interview)
Glen Check – “Young Generation”
Sun Yue – “欢乐中国年 / Happy Chinese New Year”
Mayday – “歪腰 / Orz”
4minute – “Volume Up”
Various Artists – “祝福你 / We Wish You (Cantonese)”
Jang Kiha and the Faces – “우리 지금 만나 / Let’s Meet Now”
Vidulgi Ooyoo – “Blow Me Off High” (Impact 89FM Interview)
Sodagreen – “再遇見 / Meet Again”
Galaxy Express – “How Does It Feel?” (Impact 89FM Interview)
Li Hangliang – “愿得一心人 / Wish To Have Someone for A Lifetime” (by request)
Idiotape – “Sunset Strip” (Impact 89FM Interview)
Kara – “2Night”

Lee Hyori – “사랑의 부도수표 / Bounced Love Checks”
Kim Tae Chun – “내 사랑은 롯데캐슬 위에 / My Love on Lotte Castle”
Mayday – “笑忘歌 / Don’t Forget” (by request)
Traditional Childrens’ Song – “Happy New Year”
IU – “을의 연애 / Love of B (with Park Joo Weon)”
Shohei Ito – “We Are Young (feat. Haruna Kawaguchi)”
Mayday – “戀愛ing / Love-ing” (by request)
f(x) – “Airplane”
Geeks – “아마 / Maybe”
Dong Zhen – “了结 / Finish” (by request)
Brown Eyed Girls – “Good Fellas”
A-Mei – “我恨我爱你 / I Hate You I Love You” (by request)
San E – “이별식탁 / Break Up Dinner (feat. Sanchez of Phantom)”
Verbal Jint – “이게 사랑이 아니면 / If It Ain’t Love (feat. Ailee)”
Li Guyi – “难忘今宵 / Memorable Night”