Asian Invasion – 1/13/14

Welcome back students!  We’re kicking off another spring semester here at State with some new music from your favorite K-Pop artists!  For more information on the course SSC 291: Intro to Asian Pacific American Studies, visit

Also, you won’t want to miss Mayday (五月天) live in concert on Monday, March 24th, 2014 at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago, tickets are now available here!

Rain – “30 Sexy”
Dal Shabet – “B.B.B (Big Baby Baby)”
Jung HyungDon & G-Dragon – “해볼라고 / Going To Try”
Girls Generation – “Everyday Love”
TVXQ – “Ten (10 Years)”
Ailee – “노래가 늘었어 / Singing Got Better”
Mayday – “Second Round”
Super Junior – “Blue World”
T-ara – “나 어떡해 / (Do You Know Me) What Should I Do?”
Taeyang – “Ringa Linga Remix”
Glen Check – “Paint It Gold”
Brown Eyed Girls – “Satisfaction”
Infinite – “Destiny”
Sistar19 – “마보이 / Ma Boy”
M.I.B – “M.I.B가 나.가.신다 / M.I.B is Coming Out”

Crying Nut – “미지의 세계 / Unknown Universe”
Dynamic Duo – “비극 Part 2 / Tragedy Part 2”
Love X Stereo – “부끄러워요 / Bu-kkeu-reo-wo-yo” (interview with Impact 89FM) (bandcamp)
Sodagreen – “再遇見 / Meet Again”
IU – “입술 사이 (50cm) / Between the Lips”
Mayday – “Three Fools”
SHINee – “Like A Fire”
2NE1 – “그리워해요 / Missing You”
G-Dragon – “닐리리야 / Niliria (feat. Missy Elliott)”
Mukimukimanmansu – “식물원 / Botanical Garden”
Vidulgi Ooyoo – “Blow Me Off High” (interview with Impact 89FM)
Telefly – “God” (bandcamp)