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Departing From an Old Sound; Dancing to a New Sound | “Lonely Dancer” by Conan Gray


Conan Gray released his new single, “Lonely Dancers,” last week. It’s his fourth single in luo of his upcoming album, Found Heaven, which is set to be released April 5. The pop star has grown, much like his music has.

Gray’s popularity exploded in 2020 with the release of his debut album, Kid Krow, specifically with the acoustic ballad “Heather” that did numbers on TikTok. When discussing his past music on The Zach Sang show, Gray said, “Even I’m getting sick of hearing it, the whisper songs that even I’ve made. I’ve spent my entire teens making that music.”

Out of boredom, he switched up his sound. “Lonely Dancers” kicks off with sweeping synth, demonstrating his sonic switch-up, and builds from there. Gray is emulating a British new wave sound with an accent of sorts accompanying his low vocals. The song is reminiscent of Men Without Hat’s “Safety Dance.” It’s new and refreshing to hear the lower part of his voice, especially when juxtaposed with the higher melodies he sings in the chorus.

With only one verse, the repetitive chorus quickly becomes an earworm. The heavy synth and catchy lyrics carry the song, and before you know it, the less than 3 minute track ends before you know it. Although the lyrics aren’t the deepest, it offers a fun new look into what Gray is able to create.

If you’re looking to take a break from the whisper music that’s saturating the music scene currently, Conan Gray’s “Lonely Dancers” is able to offer you that. The nostalgic pop tune won’t leave you crying like the majority of Gray’s work will; it will leave you dancing.

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Maggie Heflin
Maggie Heflin, Airstaff Training Director
Maggie (she/her) is second year studying Digital Storytelling and this will be her fifth year DJing! As Airstaff Training Director, she helps new DJs develop their skills before they hit the airwaves and leads team meetings. In her free time, she spends hours rotting in the music practice rooms! "She appears composed, so she is, I suppose. Who can really tell?" -Elliott Smith

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