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Deep Connection | “Voyager” by Kevin Abstract


I can’t say I have ever been a huge fan of Brockhampton or Kevin Abstract in the past. But Blanket has been one of the most pleasant surprises for me when it comes to albums released in 2023. I find the more I listen to this album the more I love it. Blanket seamlessly fuses so many genres together while being incredibly vibrant and calming. If I had to pick one standout track off the album, I would pick “Voyager.”

The track starts with a softly strummed guitar and loops throughout the whole song. The production creates an atmosphere that sounds as if listeners are floating at sea — like the instruments aren’t fully powered, being restricted or held down. Abstract opens:

You got a lot you could say /

You got some shopping to do /

You know I wanna hang out /

Sleep over with you /

And every summer with you has been a dream /

And every moment with you has been a dream.

A picture is painted of someone who is deeply invested in someone else; they are calling out that they love them. Abstract describes moments with this person as “a dream,” showing how compassionate and caring he is about them. He reminisces on every single moment that has brought him joy.

Simply put, “Voyager” is beautiful. It is a showcase of Abstract’s vocal range, and it is done in a style that is far from his usual music. This track is more comparable to indie rock and is performed as a ballad, a true ode to the happiness and fulfillment this person gives Abstract. 

As “Voyager” continues, emotions only seem to escalate, as Abstract switches between softer and more powerful vocals. It all builds to the end of the song where we end with Abstract powerfully spouting:

Agent of change and I prayed it would stick /

Agent of change and I’m losing my grip /

Don’t mistake me for it /

Don’t replace me for it.

After these lyrics, we are left with nothing but some soft instrumentation. It gives us time to think before we can fully say goodbye to the track. What should I think? What should I be feeling? The listener questions themselves during this period, and I think it should be a time to appreciate the beauty in life and relationships that make us feel nothing but an absolute rush of emotion.

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