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Goodbye, MSU | Nick Sanchez
Goodbye, MSU | Nick Sanchez
Nick Sanchez, Airstaff Coach • April 24, 2024
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Lovecraftian Doom | “Dunwich” by Electric Wizard


Picture this –

Something strange is happening in the town of Dunwich. Outcast Wilbur Whateley and his grandfather, Old Whateley, buy more and more cattle, yet their herd doesn’t grow in number. The locals grow suspicious of the odd family. Old Whateley dies, and Wilbur breaks into Miskatonic University Library, trying to steal their copy of the Necronomicon, and is mauled by guard dogs. Unbeknownst to the people of Dunwich, the Whateleys have brought forth an otherworldly being, and it grows in their farmhouse.

Yog-Sothoth is a Great Old One, a being beyond description that knows all and sees all but cannot exist in our realm. It intends to use its offspring as a way to enter the mortal world, using the insane Whateleys to do its bidding. Hence “The Dunwich Horror” is birthed through Wilbur’s mother, Lavina Whateley, and kept hidden away in their barn, feeding on cattle provided by Wilbur and his grandfather. As the years pass, it grows to great proportions. When the Whatelys die, the Lovecraftian abomination bursts out of the farmhouse and terrorizes the town of Dunwich for the days to come. 

To start Impact’s series of spooky jams of the day, Electric Wizard’s “Dunwich” sets a tone of sinister riffs with lyrics based on H.P. Lovecraft’s novel “The Dunwich Horror.” Evil is the word I’d use to describe this track. It sounds as if the members of Electric Wizard are welcoming the blasphemous offspring in a whirlwind of prophetic doom. The heavy riffs and the dark subject matter bring me into a world of cosmic horror and insanity, making this track perfect for October and Halloween. 

“Child of Dunwich, rise  /

You have your father’s eyes  /

Child of Dunwich, rise /

End the world that you despise.”

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Aaron Kasuba, Media Librarian/Host of Pity Party
Aaron (he/him) is a second year digital storytelling major. He skateboards and plays lots of video games. "FLEX YOUR MUSCLES!" - Michael Gira of Swans

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