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Sufjan’s Done It Again | “Will Anybody Ever Love Me?” by Sufjan Stevens


As anyone who’s even slightly into indie music knows, Sufjan Stevens is kind of a big deal. From the sweeping symphonies in 2005’s Illinois to the quiet sadness in 2015’s Carrie & Lowell, the amount of emotion put into every sound in Stevens’ discography is incomparable to any other artist out there.

This, combined with his masterful lyricism, has currently made him one of the most critically acclaimed artists not only within the indie genre, but the entire music industry — he constantly raises the bar for musicians everywhere, and does it flawlessly. With the precedent set by his discography, expectations are high with every new song he releases. He has yet to disappoint, as his new single “Will Anybody Ever Love Me?” once again shows his immense talent as an artist. 

Released on Sept. 13, “Will Anybody Ever Love Me?” seems to perfectly encompass the feeling of longing. Stevens’ whispering voice layered over the gentle sound of the guitar, piano and harmonizing chorus creates a feeling of wistful tranquility that perfectly isolates the listener in the moment.

This composition is, in a way, reminiscent of “The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us!,” one of the tracks from Illinois, but while the former feels like a sunny day in mid-June, this track is more reminiscent of a sunset in late August. It is vaguely tired and resigned from years of yearning. There’s a specific sort of aching present in the lyrics, a deep-seated loneliness as Stevens sings of love, contrasting with the balminess of the song itself:

“Take my suffering as I take my vow /

Wash me now, anoint me with that golden blade /

Tie me to the final wooden stake / 

Burn my body, celebrate the afterglow.” 

Despite the weight of the words he speaks, Stevens’ tone throughout the track remains soft and even, his manner of singing calming, yet imbued with a sense of pining that’s almost indescribable. This single sets the tone for the upcoming album which it belongs to, Javelin, and once again shows that Stevens is seemingly incapable of releasing anything that isn’t immensely, beautifully written and composed.  

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