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Trend predictions to keep your eyes peeled for this year

MSU student struts in denim. Photo Credit: Catherine Grumish/WDBM

Many can say they have been guilty of trend following, whether that be in fashion, lifestyle or entertainment. Consumers feel the need to constantly keep their eyes peeled for new items to purchase, new viral recipes to try out and upcoming businesses to follow. Trends are endless. We’ve seen old trends such as low rise jeans, puffy sleeves and chunky headbands coming back but also new trends quickly disappearing. The question remains, what will the trends of this year be? What’s to come? 


Michigan State University Senior Samantha Blomberg predicts denim will only get stronger. 


“We already are seeing jean skirts making a comeback. I was shocked to see how many girls were dressed in a jean skirt when I returned to campus,” Blomberg said.


Sophomore Sesalie Bacall plans on sticking to the “slick back” hair trend. 


“I hope the slick-back trend stays this year. I loved how easy it was,” Bacall said.


More often than not, young adults are being seen wearing large, baggy clothing items. This is known as “street style.” The term originated in recent years, and is generally associated with youth culture. Celebrities such as Zendaya, Hailey Bieber, Drake and popular musicians have contributed to the spread of street style. Some of the most common examples of street style are cargo pants, New Balances, beanies and oversized hoodies. The most popular brands for this style are Supreme, Nike and New Balance. 


Athleisure is known for being comfortable, stylish and flexible, making the activewear market extremely competitive. According to Statista, the sportswear market amounted to approximately 319.4 billion dollars in 2022.


One brand to watch out for this year is Vuori, known as the athletic and performance brand that is made “built to move.” American gymnast and social media personality, Livvy Dunne, with a TikTok following of 7.7 million,  joined Vuori as a collaborator in September 2021.


Social media drives the spread of these trends. Trends quickly go viral when they are easy to replicate, have an emotional element and when viewers see familiar social media personalities hopping on the trend.  TikTok stars work with brands around the world, gaining the brands more attention. When viewers see their favorite social media personality supporting a brand, they are more likely to support the same brand themselves. 


Thrifting has also become one of the most cost effective ways to shop for original pieces that suit your personal style. By shopping at a thrift store, garage sale or flea market, you can find gently used items for nearly half the retail price. Thrifting for items is a unique way to find bold and vintage pieces while supporting your community. 


When thinking about the MSU student body, we can guess which of these trends are going to make a statement on campus. 


MSU Freshman Maco Jeleniewski said, “I’m predicting that 2010’s fashion is gonna start making a comeback. Dresses on pants is an idea, and so is lavender everything.” 


These are just a few of the many possibilities that could come about this year. Will the slick back, bomber jacket, denim trends of last year stay afloat? What is the next up and coming trend to watch out for? And how will social media and social media influencers support the success of brands? We will have to wait and see.

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Megan Samp, News Producer for Exposure
Megan Samp (She/Her/Hers) is a current MSU broadcast journalism student. She is an eager learner, looking to further expand her broadcast journalism knowledge and experience utilizing her writing, broadcast and production skills.

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