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Impact Top 10s: Best Places to Listen to Music on Campus


Alright, let’s say one of your favorite artists just released a new album. You’ve been waiting for this for a long, long time, and you need to find the perfect place to listen to it. 

Your dorm bathroom certainly won’t do. Your roommate is exceedingly loud, so the dorm room itself is out of the question. You’d try a study room, but those places just don’t feel right. 

You’re struggling to find options, but fear no longer! Impact’s entertainment team has assembled a list of the top 10 best places to listen to music at Michigan State University. So, when that long-awaited album or EP drops, these are the places to go:


10. The art library

The MSU art library. (Catherine Grumish)


The library is an obvious choice if you’re looking to avoid the noise pollution that runs rampant on campus. Head to the third floor of the west wing of the building for a quiet and aesthetic spot to listen to tunes. Classical music and bedroom pop would fit right in at the art library, but if you’re a heavy metal or EDM fan, another location might suit better. 


9. Lots 91 and 92

MSU’s Lot 92, in front of the Clinical Center. (Catherine Grumish)


If you want to be as far away from the main campus as possible while still being on campus, Lot 91 and 92, adjacent to East Neighborhood, are about as removed from campus as you can get. At night, the rows of cars and street lamp lighting create an air of anonymity, until your peace is disturbed by someone locking their car door repeatedly. 


8. Kedzie Hall courtyard

A bench outside MSU’s Kedzie Hall courtyard. (Catherine Grumish)


The Kedzie Hall courtyard is a gem unknown to many students on campus. Nestled between the north and south wing of Kedzie Hall, it’s a cozy, secluded place to be with nature and listen to music. Make sure to check it out before winter turns this oasis into a barren slab of concrete — unless that’s the vibe you’re going for. 


7. CATA bus stops at night

The CATA bus station outside of MSU’s Shaw Hall. (Catherine Grumish)


Whether you’re going for a mysterious undercover agent or broken-hearted lover look, the CATA bus stops at night are the go-to locale. Bonus points if it’s raining. 


6. Under Beaumont Tower

The main door to MSU’s Beaumont Tower. (Catherine Grumish)


Beaumont Tower is a sacred symbol on campus. It represents endurance and strength. It’s featured in the background of millions of graduation photos. Especially during spring, when the cherry blossoms bloom, Beaumont Tower is a serene place to appreciate music.


5. The leftmost seat at the very back of the 31 bus

The leftmost seat at the back of the 31 CATA bus. (Catherine Grumish)


We’re an indie/alternative radio station, so we needed to go with an indie/alternative pick. The leftmost seat at the very back of the 31 bus is the place to be for those who need to stare longingly out of a window with their favorite sad songs blasting from their headphones. Pretend you’re in a music video, if you so desire. Just ignore everyone else packed in the back: The 31 can be crazy sometimes. 


4. Along the railroad tracks

The railroads tracks running along MSU’s south campus. (Catherine Grumish)


If you’re going for the “aimless wanderer” aesthetic, turn on that new album by the railroad tracks. Though there’s a chance your music will be blown out by a passing train, you’ll be surprised with just how much rusted tracks will make you enjoy audio tracks! Apologies for the necessary pun, or whatever you might call that. 


3. IM East fields at night

MSU’s IM East fields at night. (Catherine Grumish)


At times, the IM East fields seem like a fruitless wasteland. Well, that’s sort of true, but at least the grass is nice. There’s quite a bit of space to throw a football, and once the sun goes down, there are few places better for popping in some headphones. If you’re sitting there on a night with perfect conditions, some fog will populate the area, and you’ll be set with one of the best environments for listening to some melancholy music. 


2. Beal Botanical Garden

MSU’s Beal Botanical Garden (Mike Merucci)


Placing Beal Botanical Garden in the top three isn’t a hot take by any means. It’s like saying Magic Johnson is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. With its status as one of the prettiest spots on campus, and as one of the best reading spots on campus, we have no choice but to put it at No. 2. For some readers, this may be a controversial omission from the top spot, but just you wait. 


1. Impact 89FM

The music and entertainment department office at Impact 89FM. (Mike Merucci)


Call us biased, but we wouldn’t endorse ourselves if it weren’t for a good cause. And this is a great cause, the greatest of causes: Finding the right spot to listen to new music is a sacred task. For music devotees, Impact 89FM is a sacred place. Enter our lobby, shake some hands and then you’ll find yourself in our No. 1 place to listen to that new album, EP, song or snippet.

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Mike Merucci, Entertainment Editor/Host of The Afterglow
Mike Merucci (he/him) is a creative advertising major here at Michigan State, and with a Dr. Pepper always in hand, he leads the Impact's music journalism efforts. His musical loves are Death Grips, Tim Hecker and Carly Rae Jepsen; these loves only build up to his greatest love of all, the Buffalo Bills. "I'm smoking cigarettes in the shower, when they get wet I just light another." - Death Grips
Catherine Grumish, Photo Editor
Catherine (she/her) is a Civil Engineering major, she plays instruments and makes art outside of class. “what if I say I will never surrender?” - pretender by Foo Fighters

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