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A Song For That Dawg In You | “Bonecrusher” by Maxo Kream feat. Key Glock


Last week, I started my Thursday morning in tranquil fashion, enjoying a serene walk and a scrumptious egg scramble before sitting down to do some textbook reading. After a calming and educational textbook session, I opened up Spotify. Little did I know the course of my day was about to change.

My eyes lit up as the home screen announced, “New Music: Maxo Kream.” It might as well have been Hanukkah. I scrambled to Maxo Kream’s profile and rapidly clicked on the new single, barely lucid enough to ensure I didn’t play the clean version — I don’t even know why they make clean edits for him.

Now, you may be wondering why Maxo Kream induced in me such a feverish state of anticipation. Allow me to explain myself. It is the time-honored tradition of Texas hip-hop that the beat has to knock, and Maxo Kream carries the torch of his forebears with gusto. Needless to say, Pimp C and Bun B would be proud of the beat selection here. 

I saw nothing but red as my finger finally slammed into the play button, no doubt reducing the life expectancy of my phone’s screen protector by at least a month. 

The bass nearly caused my AirPods to achieve escape velocity, and I had no time to recover as Maxo Kream got straight down to business. Lyrically, Maxo Kream is in top form as he finds ever more ways to assure you that standing in his way would be a mistake. As if Maxo Kream’s promises to grind his opponents to dust were not enough, Key Glock, perhaps the best rapper out of Memphis at the moment, joins him on the back half of the track to flex his diamond grill and pay homage to Texan hip-hop staples like sipping lean and mentioning the Houston Rockets.

My homework never stood a chance. 

If you’re looking to slaughter whatever tasks lie ahead of you today, with the support of two of Southern hip-hop’s finest, then look no further than “Bonecrusher” by Maxo Kream featuring Key Glock.

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About the Contributor
Sam Kurtzman, Operations Manager/Host of The Vibe
Sam Kurtzman (he/him) is a senior at MSU studying Information Science. When he isn’t playing with power tools or perfecting his Paulie Gualtieri impression he serves as the Operations Manager for Impact. As The Impact’s resident Hip-Hop addict, Sam also hosts The Vibe. “We'll let you guys prophesy, We gon' see the future first” - Frank Ocean

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