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How Summer is Going So Far | “I Think I’m Ok” by Malcolm.


Summer is a period of stasis for students. At least it is for those who can’t secure internships and choose not to enroll in summer classes. Friends are in far away cities, and there’s nothing to do but embrace the inactivity. You try to be content in a space that’s far from ideal, which is why students might resonate with the song “I Think I’m Ok” by Malcolm. this summer.

Malcolm. is an amateur singer-songwriter riding the wave of young indie production. He released his first EP in 2018 and his second EP, I Think I’m Ok, was released June 28. I Think I’m Ok is a maturing of Malcolm.’s groove rock style. While the songs aren’t groundbreakers, they’re unique — Malcolm. said most of the lyrics are him “complaining about life in an amusing way,” and “3am” ends with a kazoo solo. Yet, Malcolm.’s humble production is inviting, his lyrics are relatable and the tracks are clean.  

“I Think I’m Ok” sums up Malcolm.’s life as a 23-year-old, and college students may find the honest lyrics a little too familiar. 

“My heart is broken again but then again what’s new /

My mind is playing pretend but this time it’s all true /

This life’s been giving me the elbow / 

I should be sad but I think that I’m okay. /

Outside is freezing, in my bedroom too /

My body is breaking and bending in ways that ain’t cool /

That being said I don’t feel too low /

I should be sad but I think that I’m okay.”

“I Think I’m Ok” is a crowd-pleaser. Fans of popular ‘70s music will like the strong drum kick and funky guitar, although rock fans might prefer the hard chord progressions and deep bass in a different track on the EP, “Milk.” Lyrics drive “I Think I’m Ok,” so fans of bedroom pop won’t be disappointed. And the lyrics are real: They’re not overly complicated and probably won’t move you to tears, but they might make you feel understood. They might bring you out of that summer funk and help you embrace whatever circumstance you find yourself in. 

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Gabby Nelson, Entertainment Editorial Assistant
Gabby (she/her/hers) is a senior studying journalism and the entertainment editorial assistant here at the Impact. Gabby enjoys reading, eating sushi, and doing yoga. She loves jamming to E.L.O., Wallows, Pearl Jam, push baby, and Stray Kids. You can reach her at [email protected].

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