To Inherit, to Remember, to Alter | An Interview With Omar Ahmad


Mike Merucci, Host of The Afterglow

Editor’s note: The beginning of this interview contains brief moments of audio distortion that render certain words inaudible. Beyond the one-minute-30-second mark, that distortion is not present.

Ahead of the release of his solo debut, Inheritance, composer and sound artist Omar Ahmad sat down with the Impact to discuss what the word “inheritance” means to him, how his Palestinian heritage informs his music, the role of memory in his art and more.

Ahmad describes his work as “inspired by the balance between sets of distinct feelings that are paired in the world: empathy and disconnection, loss and discovery, longing and isolation.”

Inheritance releases July 7. Its lead singles, “Lapses” and “Cygnet Song,” can be listened to by clicking on the link below: