Impact Mixtape | “Movement” by Brennan Spear


Brennan Spear, Writer/Volunteer

“Movement” is an homage to the very essence of life: motion. Each track in this mixtape is imbued with a zestful rhythm and lively melody that gently nudges listeners to move. It is an irresistible invitation to dance and to sway with the rhythm. It is a celebration of the rhythm inherent in our existence, a pulse that mirrors the beat of our hearts, the breath in our lungs, the thoughts racing through our minds.

This mixtape encapsulates the primal urge to participate — to leap into action, to stir our bodies into motion. It ignites the thrill of dancing, fostering joy and instilling positivity. This mixtape moves beyond mere kinetic energy, delving into the nuanced shifts in our emotional, cognitive and existential states as we engage with life’s perpetual dynamism.


  • Alice Clark – “Don’t You Care”
  • Little Beaver – “Let the Good Times Roll”
  • Cleon – “Boogaloo Pow”
  • La Logia Sarabanda – “Guayaba”
  • Kit Sebastian – “Yanimda Kal”
  • Boulevards – “Together”
  • Magic Sam – “Funky G Street”
  • Erasmo Carlos – “Mundo Cão” 
  • Bin Juice – “Watermellon”
  • Uschi Bruning – “Hochzeitsnacht”
  • Universal Togetherness Band – “Ain’t Gonna Cry”
  • CAN – “Don’t Say No”
  • Soft Machine – “As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still”
  • Arthur Russell – “Get Around to It”
  • Acidslop – “Lament for the Sky”
  • ESG – “Six Pack”
  • Coati Mundi – “Que Pasa / Me No Pop I”
  • Florence Adooni – “Mam Pe’ela Su’ure”
  • Şenay – “Doy Doy Doyamadım”
  • Marcos Valle – “Ele E Ela”
  • Swamp Children – “You’ve Got Me Beat”
  • Isabelle Antena – “Sweet Boy”
  • Hamid Al Shaeri – “Git Ya Sheta”
  • Elia y Elizabeth – “Buscándonos”
  • Alberto Baldan Bembo – “Oblo’”