Mortem Corp. Episode 3 – First Day

Tessa Kresch, Producer + Sound Designer

Mortem Corp Episode 3 – First Day, takes you on a tour of the Mortem Corporations on Dr Kelley’s first day, where he must decide between his morals and Mortem Corps unscrupulous experiments…

This audio drama is fully written, produced, and sound designed by students at Michigan State University.

Written by Toby Sanders, Natalie Palencik , and Alex Spevetz
Directed, produced, casted and sound designed by Tessa Kresch
Script Supervised and Assistant Directed by Joie Culligan
Performed by Ben Corsi, Gabriel Blaze Herdegan, Andrew Brown, and Libby Lussenhop
Special thanks to Lucas Nunn, Rob Roznowski, Libby Lussenhop, Jeremy Whiting and the entire Impact 89FM team.

Natalie Palencik – Writer
Tessa Kresch – Producer
Joie – Assistant Director
Andrew Brown – Dr. Kelley
Ben Corsi – Dr. Ellis
Blaze – Dr. Stanton