Artist Interview | J Navarro & The Traitors at Stoopfest 2023


Logan Juncaj, Writer/Volunteer

On the final day of Stoopfest 2023, I had the pleasure of speaking with the members of Detroit ska band J Navarro & The Traitors. I last saw the band on April 4, 2022, when they opened for The English Beat at the Majestic Theatre and was thrilled when I heard they were coming to Lansing to perform at Stoopfest.

The band is made up of varying established Detroit musicians, including Eric Abbey of 1592 and Dirty Notions; Scott Vesey of Trace The Veins; Jason Millbauer of Bad Assets; Steve Kachnowski of Telegraph; CEO of Reverend Guitars Ken Haas and Jay Navarro of Break Anchor, Hellmouth and The Suicide Machines. Filling the two-tone vacancy in the Detroit music scene, J Navarro & The Traitors are truly one of the best ska bands bringing it today. 

The group is gearing up to release their second full length album, All of Us or None, out May 19 through Bad Time Records. They’re also preparing to embark on a West Coast tour in June, but local fans don’t fret, as you still have an opportunity to see them perform on May 20 for their record release show at the Magic Bag in Ferndale, Michigan. I know that I will definitely be in attendance to witness first hand the ska madness that is bound to ensue. 

In an exclusive interview with Impact 89FM, they talk about a Smashing Pumpkins guitar theft, Detroit sports, skateboarding, the band’s upcoming album, their upcoming West Coast tour and much more. Listen in to hear all about J Navarro & The Traitors.