Stuck on This Track | “Glue Song” by Beabadoobee feat. Clairo


Maggie Heflin, Training Director

As a big fan of women with soft voices strumming acoustic guitars, I nearly cried when I heard that Clairo would hop on Beabadoobee’s “Glue Song.” It’s been over two months since Beatrice Laus released what she describes as a “plain and simple, in your face, love song.” The soft guitar strumming, sweeping orchestra and drowsy horn section create a gorgeous instrumental background for Laus’ sweetest song yet.

This time around, Laus brought indie darling Clairo on to voice a new verse and to add additional harmonies. The two met when Clairo brought Laus on tour back in 2019. Bedroom pop fans everywhere are rejoicing; nearly four years later they finally get a track together.

Clairo’s airy tone and Laus’ clear, sugary voice pair beautifully together. The instrumental backing remains the same, but I somehow convinced myself that the horns near the end of the track were a Clairo addition, as they are reminiscent of her most recent LP, Swing. Yet, they were present in the first rendition of the song, highlighting how perfectly the two fit together.

With each listen, I find a new appreciation for Laus’ work and seem to pick up on a new element, whether that be a violin riff or drum alteration. “Glue Song” is like a gift that keeps on giving. The song fulfills a sweet tooth — or ear, I suppose — that I never knew I had.