A Eurovision Winner and an Otorhinolaryngologist Walk Into A Bar | “al llegar” by Salvador Sobral feat. Jorge Drexler


Ashe Burr, Writer/Volunteer

As the article’s title suggests, “al llegar” comes through the collaboration between a Eurovision winner and an otorhinolaryngologist. But who exactly are these people?

The Eurovision winner is none other than Salvador Sobral, who won the 2017 edition of the contest with the highest amount of points ever, at a measly 758. Since his victory, Sobral has been consistently releasing music, with his 2021 album, bpm, being nominated for the Latin Grammy for Best Engineered Album. While he didn’t win that award, he still remains one of the biggest names in the Portuguese music scene.

The otorhinolaryngologist, which is a doctor that focuses on head and neck surgery, is Jorge Drexler. Outside of medicine, Drexler has had an extensive and storied musical career, which began in 1992. Some of the Uruguayan’s many awards include an Oscar for his song “Al otro lado del río” and 13 Latin Grammys. 

These two juggernauts of their respective musical scenes came together for the release of the heartbreaking ballad “al llegar.” The song itself follows the story of two lovers who realized that they weren’t a good fit for each other. 

“Si la respiración se hace más corta /

Recuerda eso siempre nos dio igual /

Todos los propósitos cambian de forma al llegar.

One of the things that is incredibly important for us as a society is open communication. At times, it feels like that is an impossible thing to have. This song basically says that changing things is okay. Sometimes you may have the pieces to a puzzle, but your friend/significant other may have Jenga blocks. And that’s okay, but you may only find that out when you decide to air your feelings.