The State – 04/21/23

Rachel Fulton

Happy Friday!

Today’s weather forecast is predicting rain early in the day and then remaining cloudy for the rest with a high of 57 degrees and a low of 44 degrees. For the weekend it looks like it will be cloudy for the majority with mid to higher 40s and possibly low 50s.

Lawmakers eye allowing alcohol sales on campus game days

Michigan State University may be able to start selling alcohol on campus during football, basketball, and hockey games if a bipartisan group of lawmakers have their way.

Sen. Sean McCann, D-Kalamazoo, introduced the bill to the Senate Tuesday, April 11. This is not the first time a bill permitting campus alcohol sales has been introduced, as former Sen. Curtis Hertel, D-East Lansing, introduced a similar bill last session, but it was never taken up for vote by the Senate.

McCann said he can never speak to the prospects of a bill passing when it is advanced again in the Senate, but with extra time in this legislative session, not taken up by the Midterm election season to pass this bill through, they could get this bill “to the finish line.”

Athletic Director Alan Haller was open to the idea of selling alcohol on game days to enrich the fan experience when it was introduced in the last legislative session. Haller did not believe that it would cause problems and venues and was hopeful that the Senate bill would pass.

McCann said he wants the bill to pass because he does not want to lose students to other state universities outside of Michigan due to game day experiences they could find elsewhere, looking to lead the pack in having “great college experiences.”

The bill has now been referred to the Regulatory Affairs Committee, chaired by Sen. Jeremy Moss, D-Southfield.

ASMSU elects new vice president for financial operations

As the current Associated Students of MSU associate vice president of financial operations, Drew Gardner is now moving up to the role of vice president of financial operations, or VPFO.

Before Gardner gave his speech, the general assembly decided four questions they would ask both candidates during their first closed session.

While having a background in understanding the position, Gardner said he also knows how to work with people.

Gardner also noted where ASMSU fell short in the past, including not accommodating rising inflation and providing more funds to CORES and COPS groups on campus.

After the general assembly met for its second closed session for the election of VPFO, it was voted at 1 a.m. that Gardner would serve as the Vice President of Financial Operations for the student body.

Risky Studios hosts grand re-opening in upgraded location, will expand services

Risky Studios, a rentable recording and content production studio, officially reopened on Saturday, April 15 after expanding its space.

Owners Joshua Southern and Alicia Southern have been married for nine years. They initially opened Risky Studios in Downtown East Lansing in January 2022 before beginning renovations in October 2021.

Joshua Southern specializes in visual technology while Alicia Southern specializes in photography. The idea for Risky Studios sparked when the couple realized they could combine their content-creation specialties into one major company.

The business model centers around renting out in-studio resources, like couches for casual video shooting, interchangeable photo backdrops, studio lighting and recording equipment.

Although Risky Studios will still operate out of the same building at 301 M.A.C. Ave., their space has grown. They’ve upgraded from one room to a separate room for each service they provide.

The space now offers music production rooms, podcast rooms and photography studios.

Risky Studio’s clientele is a mixture of Lansing residents, business owners, motivational speakers and most frequently, musicians. Joshua Southern said tapping into the Michigan State University student population will be critical for expanding Risky Studios.

Based on original reporting by Liz Nass, Maddie Dallas and PJ Pfeiffer.

To end our last episode of the week, here are a few announcements!

Here is the MSU home athletic line-up for the weekend…

Men’s Tennis, depending on the weather will be either at the MSU Indoor or Outdoor Tennis Center!

  • Playing Illinois today at 4 P.M. and Northwestern on Sunday at 12 P.M.