The Izzo family supports local charities with annual Run/Walk/Roll

Kalee Kniess

April 15 marked the fourth annual Izzo Run/Walk/Roll. This charity event, designed to support local charities in the East Lansing area, is hosted by the Izzo family right on Michigan State University’s campus. 

The day’s events started right at the Breslin Center in the heart of campus. MSU basketball coach Tom Izzo was joined by his team, family and even local news personality Jorma Duran. The family wanted to stress how important it is to include everyone. This is a big reason why they included the roll portion of the race for wheelchair users.

“This is a land-grant community, and this is why we are all one,” said Tom Izzo.

Tom Izzo and his wife, Lupe Izzo, have been putting this race on year after year to support the community. This year, over 4000 people signed up for the race.

“We have 4000 participants, and I know this is just the beginning. Our vision was helping charities that help our community,” said Lupe Izzo.

One of the charities supported by the Izzo Run/Walk/Roll is the Spartan Strong Fund, a charity that is supporting victims of the Feb. 13 mass shooting. Before the national anthem, Tom Izzo held a moment of silence for the victims.

Tom Izzo said he believes that this event is supporting many important organizations in the area. 

“This is to bring awareness to some of the most incredible charities,” said Tom Izzo. “What they do is help all of you. We have 13 different groups that work to support you.”

For more information on the Izzo Run/Walk/Roll, you can visit The Izzo Legacy.