Lemme Get A Uhhhhhhhh… | “Bloody Mind” by Cornelia Jakobs


Ashe Burr, Writer/Volunteer

Weighing options is always difficult. Whether it is in regard to what to eat for your next meal or what song to put on next, it always seems to be an incredibly difficult choice to make. But what if the choice puts your emotions on the line? That’s the exact dilemma Cornelia Jakobs pondered in the creation of “Bloody Mind.” 

Jakobs is a Swedish singer who has music flowing through her entire family. Her father was the vocalist for the rock band The Poodles, and her grandmother founded the Folkoperan. Her career began in 2010 as a member of the pop group Stockholm Syndrome, which was formerly Love Generation. The group was produced by RedOne, the man behind many hits of the early 2010s, such as “Judas” by Lady Gaga and “Starships” by Nicki Minaj. The group would find middling success and would disband after six years. 

In the years following Stockholm Syndrome’s disbandment, Jakobs released several singles. During this time, her releases didn’t fare too well and kept her well within the confines of Swedish indie pop. Her big break came in 2022, when she participated in the Swedish singing competition Melodifestivalen with “Hold Me Closer.” It was her first time in the competition as a soloist, and she won handily. With that victory, she would represent Sweden at Eurovision 2022, where she placed fourth and won her semifinal by a whopping 153 points. 

Post-Eurovision, Jakobs has released a handful of singles. “Bloody Mind” was her first one of the new year. The piano-driven track is emblematic of her solo songs, with it leaning more toward the somber tone she’s made her staple. If you are like me, who can’t make up my bloody mind when deciding what songs to play next, this is one that I’ll recommend time and time again.