A Flow of Apologies | “SORRY NOT SORRY” by Tyler, the Creator


Jordyn Wilcox, Writer/Volunteer

Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale was just released this past Sunday and it is the perfect expansion of the original album. The deluxe version added eight new incredible songs; “SORRY NOT SORRY,” was one of them. 

The album opens with the instrumentals from the beginning of “He Made You Mine” by Brighter Side of Darkness. 

I love how raw Tyler, The Creator is on this track. Of course, Tyler is no stranger to showing emotions but, unlike his past projects where his rawness was an expression of anger and angst, this is something more complex.  

Tyler breaks out a list of apologies for a plethora of people. 

He first apologizes to his mother and sister for their strained relationship, his old friends who all fell out due to egos, the people he hurt while figuring out his sexuality and for his lack of perceived empathy and social awareness. I don’t know if regret is the right word to use, but Tyler definitely takes accountability for his actions and the listener can feel that. 

There isn’t anything jaw-dropping about his flow, but I think that having a conversational flow allows the listener to really hear and understand his words. Tyler’s choice of tempo and cadence makes his words feel more genuine.  

The music video is flawless. The video features current-day Tyler killing all of the other versions of himself from previous albums. He kills Cherry Bomb Tyler, Flower Boy Tyler, and even Sir Baudelaire. If I were to put my thinking cap on, I would hypothesize that Tyler killing every version of himself in the Tyler, the Creator cinematic universe is him teasing another album; CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST was released in 2021 and he usually keeps to a two-year gap between albums. 

This song has been on repeat for me, and I am very excited for the possible album announcement sometime this year.