The State – 04/05/23

Rachel Fulton

Today’s weather forecast is predicting variable clouds and becoming windy with strong thunderstorms. This could lead into possible damaging winds, large hail and possibly a tornado with some storms with a high of 70 degrees and a low of 34 degrees.

MSU Union reopening welcomes students back almost two months after shooting

The MSU Union welcomed the community of students and staff back into the building at 8 a.m. on Monday. Counselors from Counseling and Psychiatric Services, faculty, priests and student employees delivered speeches during the reopening ceremony.

The first-floor lounges, computer labs and Sparty’s are now open.

On the third floor, there is a reflection room for any community members to visit where thousands of messages from schools and communities across the country show their support and love for MSU following the tragedy on Feb. 13.

Chief Communications Officer for Student Life and Engagement Kat Cooper said the Union was built to honor students and with the difficulty of reopening being present, it is needed for the community.

Counseling and Psychiatric Services is on the third floor of the MSU Union and in the Olin Health Center. Therapy dogs were also present in the Union on the day of the reopening.

Historic season for MSU gymnastics ends at Pittsburgh regionals

After a historic season, the Michigan State gymnastics team will not be advancing to the NCAA National Championship. Similarly to last year, MSU finished the regional final in third place, just behind two of the top teams in the country.

The difference between Arizona in fourth place and California in first was .600.

From start to finish, the Pittsburgh regional finals were competitive and down to fractions of a point.

Michigan State struggled slightly in the second round last Friday. There were some falls and small mishaps that slowly added up, but luckily for the Spartans, their overall performance allowed for them to advance to the regional final on Sunday.

Where there were uncertainties on Friday but there was confidence on Sunday. Everything the Spartans did to kick off their first rotation in the regional final on the balance beam was exactly what they were lacking last Friday.

Unfortunately for the Spartans, rotation three on vault is where the meet started to run away from them.

Although the Spartans started rotation three in second place, they ended the third rotation in last.

Michigan State’s final rotation was the highlight of the meet, but the other teams did exactly what they needed to and more.

Michigan State finished in third place — just one spot behind what the team needed to qualify, and it was just .150 that kept them from going to Texas for nationals.

Community votes to decide names for baby peregrine falcons raised at MSU

Pickles, Muhammad, Egbert and Swooper.

These are the names of soon-to-be-hatched baby peregrine falcons cared for by the Michigan State University Fisheries and Wildlife Club (FWC).

Over five years ago, a pair of peregrine falcons named Freyja and Apollo flew around Spartan Stadium. FWC noticed them and decided to create a nesting box to see if they could create offspring — and they did.

There are currently four eggs in the “haven” box that can be watched on a 24/7 live stream video online. The nesting box is supported by the Michigan State University Forestry department, ASMSU and private donors.

The FWC held a Chili Cookout last Friday to announce the names of the baby peregrines. Name suggestions were submitted by both Jonesville Community School District students and the FWC. Attendees cast votes for their picks by way of monetary donations to the club.

The Chili Cookoff event also included several competitions: a side dish competition, a dessert competition and a cornhole tournament. Nearly everyone who came brought at least one dish and 16 teams participated in games of cornhole.

According to fisheries and wildlife senior Evan Griffis, the Chili Cookoff was previously held in a classroom where very few students and almost no faculty came to support the club.

This year was different. 80 people from across Michigan and different backgrounds — MSU students, professors and students of surrounding schools — came to take part.

Based on original reporting by Julius Patto, Bella Johnson and PJ Pfeiffer.