The State – 04/04/23

Rachel Fulton

Today’s weather forecast is predicting showers in the morning with isolated thunderstorms arriving in the afternoon with a high of 54 degrees and a low of 49 degrees.

Areas of MSU campus expected to close due to flooding

Through tomorrow, the National Weather Service is predicting MSU’s Red Cedar River will exceed its minor flood stage on campus. Certain campus parking lots and sidewalks will be closed if it does.

Once the river water returns to its normal height, some of these areas may still remain closed as crews move in to clean up any debris left behind.

Students are advised to avoid any walkways, roads, lots or ramps that are closed in case the water depth and speed are worse than they appear. Anyone traveling throughout campus should give themselves enough time to get to where they’re going.

For a list of expected areas being closed, visit The State News website.

MSU Police examines alert system following concern for delayed, vague alerts

Following confusion and panic from students and faculty about the MSU safety alerts during the March 22 incident involving a knife shown at a restaurant, questions are being posed about the efficiency of the alert system itself. Prior, during the February 13 mass shooting on campus, students also reported receiving alerts at different times than their peers.

Within MSU’s police department, the emergency management division is in charge of the alert operational system itself.

According to MSU police, specifically for SMS messages, all texts go out in one batch once the message is sent from their end. However, this depends on the recipient’s phone service, cell towers and Wi-Fi, which could result in delays.

Another option would be to download the SafeMSU app, which is now able to receive the same alerts. This could potentially be more efficient because receiving the alert would be based on internet service or network login, as opposed to cell service and the position of cell towers, MSU police communications manager Dana Whyte said.

Regarding the email notifications, the delay is likely a fault of the university email system which batches emails to students, even though emails go out all at once through the overarching notification system, called Everbridge.

The system is also being evaluated for a potential change, though MSUPD has another year left in its contract with Everbridge.

ASMSU general assembly elections coming soon

The Associated Students of MSU, or ASMSU, is planning to build next year’s general assembly and Office of the President. The election cycle began yesterday and lasts through Sunday, April 9.

The general assembly is comprised of different representatives from different departments, schools and student organizations at MSU.

The process to apply to be a representative on the general assembly involves submitting an application with a letter explaining why the student is interested, what their goals are and something they want to do on campus. Each college has a set number of people who need to petition to get their name on the ballot.

Aside from students running and campaigning, there is another side to ASMSU elections. The Undergraduate Elections Committee, or UEC, helps to ensure the whole process goes smoothly.

ASMSU recruitment and engagement coordinator Benjamin Fox said the committee meets a few times a year to facilitate and run all elections.

Applicants needed to have the correct number of signatures their college requires and all other materials in the packet. If they didn’t have the required signatures, ASMSU reached out and told them an alternative way to run, Fox said.

General assembly representatives are responsible for representing the body of students they’re speaking on behalf of.

Students can vote in the spring 2023 general assembly election by visiting

Based on original reporting by Selma Cogo, Siya Modi and Maddie Dallas.