Thee Hourz O’ Power 3.23.2023


Nick Sanchez, Host of Thee Hourz O' Power

Morbid Angel – Visions from the Dark Side – The Killing Womb

Merauder – Master Killer

God’s Hate – Be Harder

Twitching Tongues – Forgive & Remember

Knocked Loose – My Heroes

Slipknot – People = Shit

King Nine – Art of War

Downpresser – Next Life

Gridiron – Trench

Outta Pocket – Endless Remorse

Trapped Under Ice – Reality Unfolds

Sunami – Gate Crasher

Boundaries – Pain Medicine

Left Behind – Hell Rains from Above

Orthodox – Voice in the Choir

Greyhaven – And It’s Still Too Loud

Every Time I Die – Post-Boredom

Converge – Fault and Fracture

Loathe – Gored

Norma Jean – Reaction

Currents – Poverty of Self

Malevolence – On Broken Glass

Silent Planet – Dying in Circles

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Low Feels Blvd

Sunflo’er – someday you will control the birds

The Devil Wears Prada – Time

The Chariot – The City

Counterparts – The Hands That Used to Hold Me

The Chasm – Return of the Banished

Disgrace – Slave to the Lead God

Cannibal Corpse – Purification By Fire

END – Pariah

Dying Fetus – Reveling in the Abyss

Misery Index – Necessary Suffering

Vomit Forth – Pain Tolerance

Conjurer – Hadal

Fit For An Autopsy – The Man That I Was Not

Suicide Silence – Unanswered

Rivers of Nihil – The Silent Life

Gatecreeper – Grotesque Operations

One Step Closer – Dark Blue

Sunflo’er – all these darlings and now me

Gulch – Lie, Deny, Sanctify

Portrayal of Guilt – …where the suffering never ends

Harms Way – Slither

Mouth for War – Take My Place

Omerta – Hyperviolence

Every Time I Die – Map Change

Dying Fetus – Ethos of Coercion

Trapped Under Ice – Still Cold

Twitching Tongues – AWOL (State of the Union)

CANDY – Distorted Dreams – Errorzone

Turnstile – MYSTERY