Never Too Late To Jump In | “Missed Call” by Kelela


Ryan McMillan, Writer/Volunteer

Five long years after the release of her debut album Take Me Apart, Kelela has returned with Raven. Taking such a long hiatus after a debut album is quite a risk, but Raven has proven to be more than worth the wait. The nearly five-month long album rollout began in September with opener “Washed Away,” and concluded just days before release with “Enough For Love.”

Though five songs were previously released, some of the strongest tracks came on the album’s Feb. 10 release date. The fifth track, “Missed Call,” in particular, is one of the album’s heaviest hitters. 

Kelela glides over the LSDXOXO-produced beat, contemplating whether she wants to follow through with a relationship. Will she make the call? Will she send the text? It’s an extremely fun and addictive song, clearly deserving of the single treatment. If it’s not blasting on every radio station in the country within the coming months, then something is definitely wrong.


“Might be the time to make that call /

Start to text, I hit a road /

Do I wanna fall in love again?”


Though she is entering the tenth year of her career, there has never been a better time to get into her music. “Missed Call” is classic Kelela and a very easy jumping point for those who have never listened to her. Her stellar return to music with Raven has showcased her ability to push the boundaries of both R&B and electronic music in a way not many others can. 2023 is bound to be her biggest year yet, and the well-deserved love and success her return has brought is only the beginning.