The State – 03/02/23

Rachel Fulton

Today’s weather forecast is predicting cloudy skies with a high of 40 degrees and a low of 28 degrees.

Michigan State University lifts COVID-19 vaccine mandate

MSU is lifting its COVID-19 vaccine mandate as of Tuesday.

Deputy spokesperson Dan Olsen said MSU will still continue to encourage vaccinations, including COVID-19, because “all of these measures better protect health and well-being of our campus community.”

Olsen said the widespread protection of the individuals who have already been vaccinated, plus new boosters and treatment options eliminated the need for a campus-wide mandate.

“Now, as both the virus and our understanding of it continues to evolve, there is widespread protection due to the number of individuals vaccinated,” university physician Michael Brown said in an email to the MSU community. “New vaccine boosters and treatment options are widely available, and we know better how to protect those most vulnerable.”

Brown said in an email aslo that there may be limited situations where professional students and employees must be vaccinated because of certain hospital and healthcare facility requirements.

MSU advised HopCat in East Lansing to end fundraiser for ‘Spartan Strong’ fund

In the wake of the mass shooting on MSU’s campus, HopCat in East Lansing held a fundraiser for the ‘Spartan Strong’ fund. The fundraiser would match beer and alcoholic cider sales from Friday, Feb. 24 to today and donate them to the fund, which was started in the wake of the shooting on MSU’s campus on Feb. 13.

MSU, however, advised HopCat to end their fundraiser as they are not an official sponsor of the university, alongside the additional ties of the proceeds to alcohol sales.

The location intended to raise proceeds through 100% of their beer sales, additionally matching the amount obtained through the fundraiser.

HopCat did donate an amount to the ‘Spartan Strong’ fund and removed their promotion for the fundraiser.

Individual organizations and businesses alike can access MSU’s licensing website for contact information regarding fundraising associations with the university.

Beaumont Tower turns green, plays MSU Shadows in honor of shooting victims

Exactly two weeks, to the minute, after the first shots of the Michigan State mass shooting were reported, Beaumont Tower lit up green in honor of the victims and in support of the entire Spartan community.

Minutes before the tower turned green, a crowd gathered in a half circle listening to the bells ring the tune of MSU Shadows, Michigan State’s official alma mater. At the end of the song, the bells rang eight times.

At 8:18 p.m., green lights surrounding the tower turned on, lighting Beaumont green from top to bottom on all four sides. The crowd stood in complete silence for three minutes until people began to disperse.

3 rings for Arielle Anderson, Alexandria Verner and Brian Fraser.

5 rings for Guadalupe Huapilla-Perez, Nate Statly, John Hao, Troy Forbush and the fifth unnamed victim.

Based on original reporting by Morgan Womack, Kelsey Dantuma and Vivian Barrett.