Songs for Now


Jake Rhodes

Spartan Strong sign placed among flower bouquets on MSU’s campus. Photo Credit: Jake Rhodes/WDBM

Entertainment Team

The last of the national media have detached themselves from Michigan State University and moved on to the next place: a place which will feel similar emotions, similar embraces, similar silences to those that we feel and have felt. Then that place will be moved on from for the next and the next and the next. 

In these past two weeks, we’ve navigated the silence, the rage, the fear through our own constructed soundscapes. We’ve been up until well after midnight listening to songs that hold us close and describe our feelings in a way we might never be able to. In the midst of reporters’ questions and our campus’ barrier-like silence, we needed a soundscape under our control. 

These songs belong to us. As does every hug we’ve given and received, every word we’ve spoken and written, every stand we’ve taken to say that we are strong, we are angry, we are together. These were our songs for then, and these are our songs for now. Together, we are Spartan strong.