Thee Hourz O’ Power 2.9.2023


Nick Sanchez, Host of Thee Hourz O' Power

Morbid Angel – Umulamahri

Downpresser – Don’t Need a Reason – Doomtech

Twitching Tongues – The Sound of Pain

Mouth for War – I Don’t Want to Feel at All

Boundaries – Blush

CANDY – Panic Is On

Show Me the Body – Trouble The Water

Trapped Under Ice – Still Cold

Harms Way – Isolation

Knocked Loose – Permanent

Merauder – Master Killer

Year of the Knife – Stay Away

God’s Hate – Social Class Warfare

Gulch – Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress

Outta Pocket – Struck Down by God

Omerta – Hyperviolence

Gridiron – Triple Threat

Every Time I Die – Pigs Is Pigs

Converge – Fault and Fracture

The Devil Wears Prada – Time

Counterparts – Your Own Knife

Greyhaven – Foreign Anchor

Knocked Loose – Billy No Mates

Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name

Silent Planet – Alive, As A Housefire

The Chariot – David De La Hoz

Currents – A Flag to Wave

Loathe – A Sad Cartoon

Sunflo’er – someday you will control the birds

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Wanting Not so Much to as To

Lamb of God – Walk with Me In Hell

Vomit Forth – Tortured Sacrament

Entombed – Drowned

Obituary – Dying

Death – 1,000 Eyes

Cannibal Corpse – Hideous Ichor

Dying Fetus – Ethos of Coercion

Misery Index – Administer the Dagger

The Black Dahlia Murder – Jars

Disgrace – Slave to the Lead God

Suicide Silence – Eyes Sewn Shut

Cult Leader – I Am Healed

Portrayal of Guilt – Fall from Grace

Carcass – Heartwork

Fit For An Autopsy – Collateral Damage

One Step Close – Turn to Me

Turnstile – Can’t Get Away

Sunami – Gate Crasher

Twitching Tongues – AWOL (State of the Union)

Sunflo’er – all these darlings and now me

Norma Jean – Call for the Blood

SPY – Labor Dispute

Slipknot – Wait and Bleed

END – Hesitation Wounds

Conjurer – Hadal

Orthodox – Cave In

Trapped Under Ice – World I Hate

Downpresser – Next Life

Turnstile – MYSTERY