Playlist | Putting the “L” in Love


“…And Then Sometimes Valentine’s Day Sucks!” by Sister72 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Entertainment Team

Not everyone loves Valentine’s Day. Some people may hold out for the discounted chocolate and seasonal Squishmallows, but the constant reminder of one’s own loneliness can be a lot this time of year. What better way to drown out the sounds of people’s happiness around you than with a brand new playlist?

This playlist was made with the vibe of a dance in mind. Specifically, an anti-Valentine’s day dance: a dance for people who would rather rock out with their friends than be subjected to the lovey-dovey couples walking hand-in-hand down Grand River Ave. Want to host your own dance? Invite your single friends over, send this through your speakers and remember that Valentine’s Day was invented by Big Greeting Card and Big Chocolate. Being in love? Kind of cringe, to be honest.