Is This Time the End? | “Love Again” by The Kid LAROI


Kale Guenther, Writer/Volunteer

Love Again” by The Kid LAROI is about rebuilding his relationship with a previous partner, but after the news of my grandmother passing away last week, this track took on a whole new meaning for me. 

My late grandmother and my family have had our ups and downs, but with her passing I couldn’t figure out how I felt. Regret, disappointment and remorse filled me when I didn’t immediately feel sad. The Kid LAROI embodies these feelings when he sings:


“Can we find love again? /

Is this time the end? /

Tell me, how many more tears will drop /

Till you hit me with “Can we talk?” /

And try love again.”


This relates back to arguably The Kid LAROI’s biggest hit, “Stay” with Justin Bieber. In “Stay,” Laroi sings:


I do the same thing, I told you that I never would /

I told you I changed, even when I knew I never could /

I know that I can’t find nobody else as good as you.”


“Love Again” tells the ending of the story he started in “Stay.” During his and his partner’s fight, The Kid LAROI tells them that he will change, although he knows he can’t. He says that nobody will ever be as good as them, but they still leave. “Love Again” shows that Laroi wants to keep pushing for this relationship to work, no matter “how many tears will drop.” 

I wish I could have found the unconditional love for my grandma that I had as a child before life decided to push us apart, but the universe had a different plan. Through all of the adversity of The Kid LAROI’s relationship, he still wants to try to love his partner. 

Whether you’re dealing with the heartache of losing a partner, or in my case a relative, The Kid LAROI’s “Love Again” proves you’re not alone in these feelings.