“Can you give me $20,” Says Every College Student Ever | “$20” by boygenius


Maggie Heflin, Airstaff Coach

Boygenius released three new singles this January. The supergroup of brilliant songwriters is back. Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus returned after nearly 5 years apart with three singles. Due to scheduling conflicts, the three songs were written individually by each member of the trio. Therefore, each song is closer in style to each individual’s music rather than the 2018 boygenius sound. 

The first single off their drop, “$20,” was written by Baker. Starting off with smashing drums and a soft-punk guitar riff fans are welcomed in with a usual Baker special. She sings of self-ruin and escapism. Her other band mates join in to finish her sentences with scattered harmonies. The song concludes with Bridgers madly yelling “I know you have $20,” similar to her screaming album conclusion in her song “I Know The End” off her sophomore album, Punisher. Although this time, it’s merely the introduction. The two tracks following “$20” are far more melancholic when compared to the immediate turbulence encapsulating “$20.” It’s refreshing to tune into an album you assume will be filled with sad songs, only to find yourself bopping your head along to the beat. It’s surprising because their self-titled EP is filled with somber indie-rock songs. Additionally, it’s a fun listen before the gut-wrenching heart-destroying lyricism of the following two artists kicks in.

The three new tracks leave boygenius fans on the edge of their seats. Hopefully the three new tracks will be enough to last them throughout winter, before the group releases the album this spring. Their full length debut album, titled The Record, is set to release on March 31 with Interscope records.