The State – 01/31/23

Rachel Fulton

Welcome to the last day of January! Today’s weather forecast is predicting mostly sunny skies during the morning hours and then will become overcast in the afternoon with a high of 17 degrees and a low of 8 degrees.

Impact dominates in third annual broomball showcase

This past Friday night, the Spartans’ home rink, The Munn, was filled with over 100 people who are usually covering hockey games; student journalists.

A group of four student organizations gathered Friday night to face off in Impact’s third annual broomball match. The groups included host Impact 89FM, MSU’s student radio station, the State News, Spartan Sports Report and MSU Telecasters.

The contest has historically just been a competition between Impact and the State News but with a mismatch in manpower in recent years, the decision was made to extend an invitation to other student organizations.

The goal was to make the game more competitive as Impact has handily won every meeting. Some goals aren’t always met.

Impact dominated the game and took home its third consecutive victory, 5-2.

With music blaring and cheers from the bench ringing through Munn Ice Arena, Impact got off to a hot start. The game was played in five-minute shifts in which play was then stopped for substitutions. Impact scored before the first switch.

It started early with a loose-ball collection on the near-side boards in the attacking zone. Impact News Director, Zac Slowik had a big night as he finished with two goals, two assists and was +4 while on the ice.

The State News put forth a quality effort in a comeback attempt in the second half of the game.

Despite minimal offensive chances due to Impact’s suffocating backline defense, MSU Telecasters sideshow producer Danny Zivian was heavily involved in any chances that did come about. He made a crisp pass to State News men’s basketball beat reporter Melanie Soverinsky who smacked the ball past goalkeeper Zach Surdenik for the team’s first goal of the game.

As the clock ticked ever so close to zero, Impact held a decisive 4-2 lead. Yet, the radio broadcasters were not satisfied. Specialty show host of The Vibe, Matt Anikiej, was the benefactor of a mad dash in front of the goal as he scored WDBM’s fifth and final goal of the contest.

The horn sounded and a swarm of Impacters donning all-black attire gathered around the shiny gold trophy at center ice. Hugs, high fives, screams of excitement and joyous laughter were abundant in the post-game celebration.

Mayor Ron Bacon holds listening session over safety in East Lansing schools

East Lansing Mayor Ron Bacon hosted a listening session at Hannah Community Center on Friday, Jan. 27, in which he addressed questions and concerns from parents, students and others about safety in East Lansing public schools.

The meeting took place due to several events of violent and non-violent offenses at East Lansing High School, or ELHS, and MacDonald Middle School, or MMS.

ELHS was not opened for students on Jan. 27.

The session was moderated by Dorinda Carter Andrews, Michigan State University chairperson for the Department of Teacher Education and professor of race, culture and equity.

Several comments were made by students saying they did not feel comfortable in the bathrooms at the middle school and high school.

The high school was put in a Shelter-in-Place on Tuesday, Jan. 24, because of a student who had made threats of harm towards an administrator. The student had received consequences for a non-violent offense.

The student then became upset, left the building and was overheard making threats. The student was let back into the school by a peer and hid in the bathroom. The East Lansing Police Department was then requested to help assist in removing the student from the building.

East Lansing resident and ELHS assistant football coach Rufus Jackson said a lot of the problems occurring now have been going on for some time.

ELHS class of 2019 graduate Drake Johnson said the security was not just there to protect the students, but to interact with them and meet them on a personal level.

Wharton Center students host first annual silent disco

The Wharton Center Students held its first Silent Disco at the Wharton Center on Friday. The event included raffle prizes, food and dancing.

Upon arrival, attendees were given headphones that connected to three channels of music playlists. Genres included broadway, pop and EDM. Attendees could choose their music and adjust their volume based on their preference.

The disco was split into two rooms – one with a lighter atmosphere, food, seating and the raffle and another room for dancing. A DJ played one of the music channels through speakers in the dance room on a low volume.

Computer science freshman Amanda Saunders said she had never attended a silent disco before, but she enjoyed going out with friends to something new.

Saunders said students shouldn’t be afraid to try something new like a silent disco – it’s worth a try at least once for a fun experience, she said.

Tickets to the silent disco sold out days in advance, but there are plans that Wharton Center Students plan to hold a Silent Disco annually.

Based on original reporting by Brendan Schabath, Anna Ryan and Ellie Young.