The State – 01/26/23

Rachel Fulton

Today’s weather forecast is predicting cloudy skies early with a few snow showers developing later in the day with a high of 31 degrees and a low of 20 degrees.

CAPS creates monthly program celebrating women, femmes of color

MSU’s Counseling and Psychiatric Services, or CAPS, created a monthly program celebrating women and femmes of color to provide space where expression is encouraged, discussed, and uplifted. This program, called Replenish, is not a source of therapy, but can serve as such through discussions, relationships and support.

Replenish has three more events this semester on Feb. 17, March 17 and April 14. Every event falls on a Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Replenish holds discussions about specific care and individual needs and other topics like mental health, relationship, beauty standards, culture and more. Psychologists Markie Silverman said meetings are flexible and participants might practice self-compassion, movement, expression through art, relationships and empowerment.

Classical cellist Alisa Weilerstein to perform at the Wharton Center

Classical cellist Alisa Weilerstein is coming to the Wharton Center on Jan. 26, with hopes that her performance will encourage students to see live music as a “shared experience.”

After relying on live streams to share musical performances since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Weilerstein said it’s “special” to return to a live audience.

Weilerstein will perform three of Jonathan Bach’s orchestral suites – what she refers to as the “Bible of cello repertoire.” Weilerstein recently recorded all six suites, which became a best-selling album.

Weilerstein says that she sees music as the highest form of communication between humans, which inspires her to come back to performing.

Wharton Center Public Relations Manager Bob Hoffman said Weilerstein’s performance offers a rare opportunity to see these suites, which hold a special place in the musical canon, performed.

Hoffman said even those who do not like classical music might have a change of heart after Weilerstein’s performance.

Weilerstein encourages students to remember there is nothing like being live in a concert hall, listening to music as it’s happening and being surrounded by others in the moment.

Information for tickets can be found on the Wharton Center website.

How to escape stress with escape rooms in the East Lansing area

Escape rooms are the perfect combination of three stress relievers: spending time with friends, participating in fun activities and solving puzzles. As such, going to an escape room with a group can help refresh the brain and calm the mind.

The East Lansing area offers three escape room attractions for students to enjoy as the spring semester picks up and homework loads get heavier.

First, Escapology, is one of the fastest-growing escape game franchises in the United States and offers more than just escape rooms. Its Lansing location opened in 2019 and includes volleyball courts, private and traditional bowling alleys, ax-throwing, an arcade and bumper cars.

Its escape rooms have a wide range of themes including murder mystery, science and military. The four rooms include Under Pressure, Budapest Express, Antidote and Cuban Crisis – each have detailed descriptions and video trailers on Escapology’s website.

Next, Challenges East Lansing Adventure features five escape rooms – Pharaoh’s Revenge, The Haunt, The Naughty List, Tin Star Saloon and Special Agent Cold War. They offer mobile escape games that can be played in-person or rented and played elsewhere.

In-person games recommend around two to 10 people per room depending on the game, and puzzles are 60 minutes long.

Finally, Breakout Escape Rooms provides its guests with a variety of unique escape game options and free photoshoots.

Rooms are organized based on difficulty and the amount of time given to solve a puzzle and the recommended group size depends on which room is chosen. There are six escape rooms to choose from: Zombie Roadhouse, Heart of a Pirate, Ringmaster’s Den, Chamber of Illusions, Heart of a Pirate Head to Head, and Ringmaster’s Den Head to Head.

Based on original reporting by Julius Patto, Jaden Beard and Ellie Young.