The Sci-Files – 01/22/2023 – Jamell Dacon – Fairness and Bias in Social Media Dialogue

Chelsie Boodoo and Daniel Puentes

Jamell Dacon headshot in a yellow shirt
Jamell Dacon

On this week’s The Sci-Files, your hosts, Chelsie and Danny, interview Jamell Dacon. Jamell is the MSU Department of Computer Science and Engineering. His current research focuses on fairness and bias in Natural Language Processing (NLP). Because inclusivity matters in all forms. He intends to investigate, examine and mitigate societal biases to conceptualize the “isms” that plague our society via NLP technologies to increase social justice and reduce feelings of disenfranchisement. Specifically, he focuses on conceptualizing social harms arising from the advancements in language technologies, highlighting both positive and negative societal impacts.
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