Yuletide Yearning | “We Should Be Together” by Rosie Thomas feat. Sufjan Stevens


Maggie Heflin, Airstaff Coach

Singer-songwriter Rosie Thomas joined Sufjan Stevens this holiday season to create a new Christmas track. Thomas originally wrote the track “We Should be Together” with her fellow songwriter husband, Jeff Shoop. Adding Stevens to the track felt natural because both Stevens and Thomas have written Christmas albums. Thomas believes there’s a certain magic surrounding Christmas that brings out hope and togetherness, which is exactly what the song encapsulates. 

The song begins with soft acoustic guitar fingerpicking as Thomas’ hushed vocals enter. Stevens’ voice is overlaid, creating sickly sweet harmonies that highlight the heartache of the song. The lyrics have wonderful imagery, using a sweater as symbolism for deep longing. Although a bit cliché, the sincere vocals give the song a deeply genuine feel. The catchy, repetitive chorus — which includes the classic jingling of bells — rounds out the track and makes it a standout Christmas song. If you’re missing a loved one this December, turn this track up and yearn right along with Thomas and Stevens.