Playlist | Songs For When Your Grandma Won’t Stop Asking About Your Relationship Status


“Grandma Helga doing her best Khrushchev impression” by Ryan Vaarsi is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Entertainment Team

For some, the holiday season is a time for coming together and celebrating with family. For others, it’s a time of interrogation. Yes, Grandma, I’m still single. Yes, I certainly am looking for one of those… oh I forgot the word. And yes, you’ve already informed me that you were married at my age. Aside from the fact that settling down nowadays is a lot harder than when houses could be bought for a handful of change and a minimum wage, there’s a very important factor here that we’re missing. But don’t worry about your grandchild. They’re fine, they are definitely looking for that person to settle down and create a nuclear family with. Just look at this playlist full of Lil Nas X, Hayley Kiyoko and Fall Out Boy! Everything is great, just don’t listen to the lyrics. They are totally looking for one of those heterosexual relationships. They are absolutely, completely cut out to fulfill the dreams of grandmas everywhere. No need to panic.