The State – 11/02/22

Rachel Fulton

Today’s weather forecast is predicting some patches of fog early but mainly a sunny day with a high of 69 degrees and a low of 47 degrees.

MSU Provost Teresa Woodruff names as interim president in unanimous vote

On Monday, The Board of Trustees appointed Provost Teresa Woodruff to interim president in a unanimous vote at a special meeting.

Following President Samuel L. Stanley Jr.’s announcement, the board released a statement that said the search for interim president would begin immediately. The statement also said the board expects Stanley to remain in his position for the full 90 days.

Weeks of miscommunication culminated in a tension-filled board meeting on Oct. 28, where trustees said they have had problems communicating and trusting each other.

Several trustees said they hope communication between each other and with the MSU community can improve in the future.

Board chair Dianne Byrum said leading up to the decision, the board spoke with the Associated Students of Michigan State University, the Council of Graduate Students, Residential and Hospitality Services, Council of Racial & Ethnic Students and Council of Progressive Students, the Faculty Senate, the Union of Non-Tenure Track Faculty, deans, the associate provost and research teams about what they are looking for in an interim president.

Woodruff said she plans to work with the community and the board to continue creating a safe and inclusive campus and implementing the strategic plan.

ASMSU president Jo Kovach said they feel very hopeful that the board listened to the MSU community and appointed Woodruff.

“Provost Woodruff has always been, for ASMSU, like a breath of fresh air,” Kovach said.

Woodruff said the community she and her family has created at MSU has been warm and welcoming.

Byrum said the board plans to conduct a “competitive, robust search” for the next permanent president. She said when a search process is finalized, it will be shared with the campus community, but that there are no details at the time.

Woodruff is eligible to submit her name and application for consideration, Byrum said. Woodruff said she hasn’t decided if she will put her name in.

The details of the transition from Stanley to Woodruff are still being discussed, Woodruff said. According to the board resolution passed at the meeting, her appointment to interim president is effective Nov. 4, 2022.

Year-out lease signing in East Lansing causes stress among students

With a high demand for student housing in East Lansing, the year-out lease signing cycle has students in a last-minute crunch to find housing.

Typically, students start to look for off-campus housing a full year before they end up moving in, and they have to sign at a location fairly soon after they do move.

Junior Noah Scudder currently lives in a four-bedroom, four-bathroom apartment, where he and his roommates had to sign last October. Having spent his freshman year online, he found it stressful to have to look for housing for his third year so quickly into his second.

Matt Hagan, an agent at Hagan Realty which leases over 200 places in East Lansing, said the timeline for signing leases has gotten earlier and earlier each year.

Hagan said the company starts receiving inquiries on some properties over a year in advance, especially for properties in prime locations, like around Grand River Avenue.

He believes part of the reason the timeline has gotten earlier is because the demand for prime locations is higher; it becomes a cycle of students trying to beat other students for the houses they want. Additionally, students likely prefer to tour houses in the summer months rather than in the winter.

Normally, leasing companies give the tenant a deadline for when they have to re-sign before marketing those properties to the public. When potential new tenants are already inquiring about properties in the summer, those who currently live there have to figure out their plans early into the school year.

This year Hagan had as many as 36 groups for the same house, all leaving their future address up to a game of sorts.

The signing day for the 2023-2024 academic year was Sept. 30 and Hagan Realty had a record 63 leases. In the past, it averaged 40 to 50.

Although most people think they have to start looking a year before to find a place to live, Hagan says places will always be available later in the year, maybe just not at the prime locations everyone is seeking.

New fashion and photography organization IRIS launches at MSU with a mission of diversity

IRIS, MSU’s newest fashion and photography organization made its debut on Wednesday, Oct. 19 with its first open house in the Student Services building.

“Our name IRIS came from the iris in our eyes. So whether you’re looking into a lens of a camera, fashion, or just everyday life, the iris helps you look at things in its true form through your perspective,” said IRIS President and co-founder Tony Cox.

The organization for young artists has a mission of uniting students with diverse backgrounds through the common interests of fashion, photography, design, modeling and other artistic pursuits.

Secretary Shriya Subba said, “Everyone is welcome. We are looking for creative, diverse people to join our organization.”

In addition to the organization’s artistic mission, Cox said IRIS has goals to bring awareness and support for mental health.

According to Cox, the organization’s members are hoping to collaborate with the Broad Art Museum to host Screen Print Sundays and Self-care Sundays. Screen Print Sundays will encourage students to step out of their comfort zone by trying a new artistic activity, while Self-care Sundays will allow students to relax.

In addition to relaxation, art and bonding events, members of IRIS have the opportunity to participate in photoshoots as photographers and models.

Anyone interested in finding more information about IRIS, including how to join, can direct message the IRIS Instagram.

Based on original reporting by Vivian Barrett, Wendy Guzman, Taylor Truszkowski and Hailey Macdonald.