The State – 11/01/22

Rachel Fulton

Happy November!

Today’s weather forecast is predicting partly cloudy skies with a high of 65 degrees and a low of 41 degrees.

Four MSU football players suspended following tunnel altercation

Four Michigan State football players have been suspended from the team following the physical altercation in the tunnel that took place after the game against Michigan Oct. 29.

Redshirt sophomore linebacker Itayvion ‘Tank’ Brown, freshman defensive end Zion Young, junior safety Angelo Grose and redshirt sophomore cornerback Khary Crump were the four players named in a statement from Mel Tucker, who will be suspended immediately.

According to the statement, the suspensions will remain in place until investigations of the incident by law enforcement, Michigan, Michigan State leadership and the Big Ten Conference are completed. Additional student-athlete participation in the altercation is under investigation as well.

“The health and safety of our student-athletes, coaches, personnel and the Spartan community remain our number one priority,” Tucker said in a statement. “You have my promise that we are committed to fairness, transparency, and accountability, and that we will continue to take appropriate action in this matter. Our core values and the responsibility that comes with wearing a State green and white jersey must never be compromised.”

For the official statement from head coach Mel Tucker, visit The State News or any major social media platform posted by Michigan State Athletics.

Gunshots fired in East Lansing result in one injured

One person is injured after gunshots were fired near the Grove Street parking ramp early this past Sunday morning.

The incident occurred around 2:35 a.m. and left one person with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound, WLNS reported.

The suspects were reported to have left the area in a follow-up alert to the Michigan State community sent at 4:29 a.m.

The case is still an ongoing investigation. Those with information surrounding the crime can contact ELPD Sgt. Tony Fuller at (517) 319-6897.

Do you believe in ghosts? Students share their spooky stories and sightings

Sometimes, ghost stories are for a spooky activity around a glowing campfire. They take place in the horror films we love to be scared by.

But for some students, ghosts are very real – and so are the encounters they’ve had with them.

Political theory and constitutional democracy junior Olivia Opiola said she encountered a ghost alongside the road once.

“Me and my friend were driving late at night, maybe 3 a.m. or so, and we reached an intersection right before her house,” Opiola said. “We stopped at the intersection, and me and her were just looking forward, and all of a sudden we saw a person walk across the intersection.”

“As they’re walking across the intersection, they just become more transparent,” Opiola said. “I know it sounds weird, but they were kinda just dressed in white. As they’re walking across they’re getting more transparent, and as soon as they reach the middle they just completely disappeared.”

The pair later debated if the apparent ghost sighting was more than a figment of their imagination.

While some students like Opiola are almost certain that their ghost stories are the real deal, others are a little more uncertain.

Psychology senior Dante Olmeda believes in ghosts. His belief is not backed by a specific account of a ghost sighting but rather encompasses his attitude towards the existence of the supernatural.

Speculation of ghost stories are a common occurrence throughout the Halloween season. Kinesiology freshman Jessica Harper has never had an encounter with a ghost. However, she still argues that ghosts exist through reference to other unknowns – not entirely ruling out the possibility.

Ending on that note hopefully, everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!

Based on original reporting by Jenna Malinowski, Maggie George and Kelsey Dantuma.