Watch Your Back | “Walk Up To Your House” by Three 6 Mafia


Kyle Raeside, Writer/Volunteer

I’m sure that, off the top of your head, there is a song you could name that previously made you cry. There’s also a good chance that you have a go-to motivational track to inspire you in any situation. The real question here is: has there been a song in your rotation that will make you shit your pants in pure terror? If there hasn’t, you should change that by listening to “Walk Up To Your House.”

Three 6 Mafia were at the forefront of the horrorcore scene of hip-hop during the ‘90s, a subgenre that consists of morbid lyricism backed by dark, eerie production. Their 1995 record Mystic Stylez has become a staple of the genre, and Memphis rap as a whole. However, the song that I believe represents Three 6 at their absolute scariest is off of Underground Vol. 1, a compilation of their earliest tracks from 1991 to 1994. 

In this song, Juicy J and DJ Paul are telling you bluntly that they are going to walk up to your front porch and, well, shoot you in the face. Sure, these are just lyrics that you shouldn’t take seriously, but there is always the slight chance that DJ Paul is hiding in your closet right now — I wouldn’t check if I were you.


“Give me cheese, say your ABCs /

Kind of hard to do when my pistol’s in your grill /

Mouth full of gold teeth, smile for the kill.”


The production on this song matches the frightening nature of the lyrics, as the beat sounds like something you would hear upon walking into a haunted mansion. Just about everything off of this compilation is some of the most gory, yet catchy rap songs you will ever hear, so I suggest giving this song and the rest of the project a listen!